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Crystal Lake South Hockey Club Gator Cup Tournament

Tournament Pictures

Game Time Sports Photos will be taking pictures at the Tournament. You can view them at the link below.




Rink Directions

CL South Hockey Club's home rink is the Leafs Ice Centre.

The Leafs Ice Centre is located approx. 4 miles off of I-90.
Take I-90 to the Randall Road exit. Head north on Randall Road. Take a left on IL Route 72 (Higgins Road).

The Leafs Ice Centre is located about 1/2 mile on the right hand side on Weseman Drive.


The Leafs Ice Centre
801 Weseman Dr., West Dundee, IL 60118


Map, directions & rink contact information

map to Leafs Ice Centre

Map: Leafs Ice Centre

Gator Cup Overtime & Tie-Breaking Rules


 During the first two games for each team, a game that is tied at the end of three periods is considered complete.

 In the event of a tie in subsequent games (except for the semi finals and championship games), the teams are not to leave the ice. There will be a 3 Man shoot out. If the game is still tied, than there will be a sudden death shootout until a winner is determined.

 In the semi final games, if tied, there will be a 5 man shoot out, followed by a sudden death shootout if necessary to determine a winner.

 In the championship game for the Gator Cup (at both JV and Varsity) there will be a five (5) minute sudden death overtime period. If the game is still tied we will go to a 5 man shoot out, followed by a sudden death shootout if necessary to determine a winner.

Note, all penalties will carry over from the original game to the overtime.

Shootout Rules:

The Home team decides who shoots first. Coaches must determine their 3 or 5 shooters (in order) prior to the first shooter. If the shootout goes to sudden death, the players in the initial shootout cannot shoot until all players on the score sheet have shot (excluding goalies or if a player has left the game due to injury or disqualification). Any player in the penalty box at the time of the shootout is not eligible to shoot.

Tie-Breaking Rules


The order of final position after the seeding rounds shall be completed on a position by position analysis beginning with first place. In the event of a tie in points, the tie breaking formula as stated below shall be used.


2. GOAL DIFFERENTIAL. (GOALS FOR MINUS GOALS AGAINST) Using both seeding (2) games played by the tied teams, SUBTRACT the goals scored against from the goals scored by the team. NOTE: The maximum surplus per game is seven (7) goals.

3. Points earned vs common opponents (same team played)

4. Goal differential vs common opponents (same team played)

5. If a tie still exists after applying the above, the order of finish shall be as follows:

a. Fewest Losses

b. Fewest Goals Against

c. Most Goals For

d. Least Penalty Minutes

e. Coin Toss with the two (2) tied teams or random drawing with (3) tied teams.


In the event of a three way tie, the order of finish will be based on tie breakers #2-4 as stated above.

Gator Cup Rules & Regulations

General Rules and Information

 Unless otherwise altered by the rules of this tournament, teams participating in this tournament shall be governed by the rules of USA Hockey and the Amateur Hockey Association of Illinois. Notwithstanding and rules to the contrary, any player assessed a major for fighting shall be suspended from the tournament. Any other suspension must be served with the tournament games.

 Each team must be register with USA Hockey through the sub-registrar of its home state.

 At sign in, each team must provide; a copy of the roster bearing the seal of the sub-registrar, proof of team registration with USA Hockey.

 Teams are required to be ready fifteen (15) minutes prior to each game except for the first game scheduled each day since games may commence as early as fifteen (15) minutes prior to the scheduled game time. Any team not ready to take the ice fifteen (15) minutes prior to the posted game time may be required to forfeit that game.

Tournament Format and Issues

 Competition format will consist of a 2 game seeding round followed by a third game or a semifinal game, depending on seed placement, then a championship game.

 The home team is listed first on the schedule and will wear light or white colored jerseys, no exceptions

 The home team for the third and fourth rounds will be determined by the Tournament Director in advance of the scheduled game time.

 Ice will be resurfaced at the end of each game

Playing Times

 JV and Varsity games will be three (3), 20 minute running time periods.

 There are no timeouts except in semi final or championship games, where each team will be permitted (1) 1 minute time-out per game

 A two (2) or less goal lead or a tied game during the last 2 minutes of the third period will result in stop time. While the game is running clock, the clock shall be stopped for a penalty or injury to a player or game official. The referees may also direct the clock to be stopped.

Penalty Enforcement

 Penalties at each level are TWO (2) minutes for minor penalties

 FIVE (5) for major penalties

 TEN (10) minutes for a misconduct penalty

 A fighting penalty is an ejection from the game and for the rest of the tournament.


All decisions by the Gator Cup Committee are final.

Gator Cup Results

Congratulations to the winners of the Gator Cup 2016! Thank you to all the teams that played. Great way to start the Hockey Season!


1st Place Loyola

2nd Place Naperville

3rd Place Kings

4th Evanston


1st Place Loyola

2nd Place Hinsdale Central

3rd Place Crystal Lake South

4th Place Barrington

Thank you to everyone that participated in the 2015 Gator Cup!

It was a great weekend of hockey and sportsmanship.

Gator Cup 2015 Varsity Champions

Gator Cup 2015 Varsity Champions

Gator Cup 2015 JV Champions

Varsity Results
JV Results

gator cup

gator cup tournament

Gator Cup
gator cup
gator cup

2014 Gator Cup Fall Classic Tournament a Huge Success!

Monday, Sept. 15, 2014

Thank you to the all the high school hockey teams, fans, parents and coaches for making this year's Gator Cup Fall Classic Hockey Tournament a huge success!

This year's tournament, held Sept. 12-14, at the Leafs Ice Centre in West Dundee, drew 24 area high school teams with 391 players participating! See you next year!

Congrats to the following winners:

2014 Sportsmanship Awards

Varsity – Barrington

Junior Varsity - PREP GOLD

2014 Championship Trophies

Varsity 1st Place - Barrington

Varsity 2nd  Place – Deerfield

Junior Varsity 1st Place – PREP Black

Junior Varsity 2nd  Place – Highland Park 

Varsity results

JV Results