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    Home of Crystal Lake South Gators Hockey

    Welcome to the Crystal Lake South Hockey Club. The CLS Gators are the only pure high school team in the area. We have both a JV and Varsity team and skate at Leafs Ice Centre.


    Micheal is a senior on the gator hockey team. He is planning on attending Mchenry County College and hoping to pursue a career as an automotive technician. He decided to play hockey because his cousins played and he and his friend played street hockey. Micheal did not play other sports at CLS, but he used to play baseball when he was younger, and has always been athletic. Michael's favorite gator hockey memory is that junior year he was ranked #2 in the division. Micheal started playing hockey his freshman year. He taught himself to rollerblade so that he could play street hockey with his friends. Then he asked his parents if he could play for the south team, they were supportive of him and encouraged him to be part of another sport.

    #16 Josh Pavelko

    Josh is a senior on the gator hockey team, he isn’t quite sure where he is attending yet he is in between Iowa State University as well as Alabama University Huntsville. Josh is heading toward a career in Aerospace engineering. Josh started playing hockey because he went to a free skate and he was really good at it and started taking hockey lessons. He was 8 years old when he started playing. Hockey was not the only sport Josh played at CLS, he was also on the lacrosse team. His favorite gator-hockey memory is that a video of him got released absolutely decking a kid.

    #42 Cole Winters

    Cole Winters is a senior on the gator hockey team and will be attending Montana State University starting fall of 2021. Cole’s academic goals include being a history teacher in the future. Cole decided to start playing hockey because he attended his cousin’s hockey game in California and fell in love with the sport then and there. Besides hockey, Cole also has played lacrosse with Crystal Lake South. Cole’s favorite hockey memory with the gators was winning the Gator cup and one of his friends Alex Tatum, was running on the ice with a Patrick star plush and they all huddled around it like it was the trophy until the coach yelled at them. Cole started playing hockey when he was 12. 


    Alex is a senior on the gator hockey team and he plans to attend The University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa to study finance. His career goal for his future is to get a master’s degree in finance and work in that field. His future goal is to take over the family business once his parents retire. He decided to play hockey because his dad introduced him to the game and he has always been interested in it.  The ultimate push was when the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup in 2013.  Besides hockey, he also has played football and baseball, and then has also played lacrosse. Alex’s favorite Gator Hockey memory is when they go out of state for tournaments.  It has been fun to hang out with the team in the hotel and ride the bus everywhere.   The last out of state tournament in Madison, Wisconsin was memorable because Alex and a couple of teammates left the hotel to visit the University of Wisconsin one of the nights. Alex started playing hockey when he was in 5th grade.


    Anthony is a senior on the gator hockey team. He is considering attending MCC for the next two years of his educational career, but at this point, he is also keeping NIU as an option as well. His future career goal is to work within the realm of design marketing or business. Anthony decided to play hockey because the sport caught his attention at a young age after his parents enrolled him in hockey lessons when he was about 6 years old. The skating and fast pace components of the game made it much more enticing to play. He became really interested in hockey during the time period Chicago Blackhawks were doing really good and had a lot of his favorite players on the team at that time. Anthony also played baseball for one year at CLS and has also been involved in lacrosse since his sophomore year. Anthony's favorite Gator Hockey memory was during the beginning of last season when the JV team had won the gator cup.  It was a special tournament to win especially because it was hosted by the CLS hockey club. He also had the opportunity to play with a lot of his friends during this special moment, and is very grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this amazing hockey club. Anthony has been playing hockey since he was 6 years old but did take a break to focus on baseball for a while, then decided to resume hockey for the love of the game his freshman year in high school.


    Nicholas is a senior on the gator hockey team. He is planning on attending MCC. His future career goal is to go into construction. He started playing hockey because he first started out playing street hockey, and originally looked for a roller hockey league but could not find one nearby, so he tried skating and felt comfortable on the ice and decided to start playing hockey at the age of 11. Nicholas kept all his focus on hockey during his time at Crystal Lake South as he wanted to get good enough to make varsity. He says he has a lot of favorite gator hockey memories but his number one is winning the Gator cup he says.

    #96 Gavin Reining

    Gavin plans to attend ECC and is undecided on his major.  He hopes to start a career in the trades.  He started to to follow hockey while watching with his dad.  Starting at age 4, Gavin began his hockey journey and pickup up playing goalie when he was 8 years old.  His favorite hockey memory was playing St. Viator as last year's Madison tournament where he notched 60 saves. 

    #83 Jason Dabrowski

    Jason will be attending S.I.U to study aviation.  He grew up watching his cousin play Gators hockey and that experience inspired Jason to start playing at the age of 4.  His favorite Gator Hockey memory is his first game as a Sophomore.  

    COVID 19: AHAI Game Play Statement (Updated 9/10/20)


    To be complete before practice on the day of visit.

    Canlan Rink Guidelines

    • Anyone entering the rink MUST fill out the health safety questionnaire prior to EACH skate located at the top of our web page.
    • Temperature checks will be done by Canlan.
    • EVERYONE inside Canlan Ice Sports Center that is not ACTIVELY ON THE ICE must wear a mask.  This means that if you are a player entering/exiting the building or using the locker room, you must be wearing a mask.
    • Team will meet outside the rink on Practice days and will have access to locker rooms for 15 minutes before practice.  PLAYERS MUST WEAR A MASK AT ALL TIMES IN THE LOCKER ROOM.
    • Players are encouraged to leave the premises within 15 minutes after their scheduled event is complete.
    • No gatherings are allowed in the lobby before, during, or after scheduled events.
    • Do not share towels, water bottles, or other personal items.  Bring full water bottles as the drinking fountains are not functional.
    • Regularly wash hands and use hand sanitizer before and after practices/games.
    • Parents are not permitted in the rink during practices.